Frequently asked questions


*Why should I hire Styled Living for my next staging project?

We don’t just place random furniture in a room to fill it up, or for that matter, leave it half empty with off-scale items. In order to benefit from staging, it needs to be executed right. Otherwise, it can actually become a distraction and a waste of marketing tool and client's money. Our look and placements are intentional and well thought out. Styled Living takes pride in owning quality, designer furnishings and accessories. Home staging is our specialty and passion, with which we create warm, inviting spaces that represent lifestyle that home buyers will connect with. We firmly believe in the value we bring into the real estate transaction.   

*Is Styled Living insured? 

Yes, we carry $4,000,000 of agreeable liability. 

*Do you own all the furniture and accessories you use for home staging projects? 

Yes, we own our furniture, accessories, art, lamps, textiles and rugs.  

*What areas do you work in? 

We service Salem and surrounding areas including: Albany, Corvallis, Dallas, Silverton and McMinnville. 

*What’s included in staging? 

Every staging project is different based on the budget and other factors determined during our first appointment. Everything that is included in the staging project will be clearly stated in our contract. Generally, creating the design, packaging for staging, moving, installing of furniture, artwork accessories and bedding, taking it away once the house sells and restocking is included in your staging.  

*What rooms should I stage? 

It is usually the entry way, living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom and bath as these are the rooms home buyers focus on.  

*When should I stage the property? 

You should stage your home before it’s first listed, because it will photograph better and stand out on the real estate websites and marketing materials. Your home will generate the most interest once it hits the market. Don’t waste your precious time and opportunity to sell fast. We strongly recommend using a professional real estate photographer. The cost is minor and the difference is tremendous. If you already invested in staging, not hiring a professional photographer could be a mistake.  

*Will staging guarantee a sale of my house? 

Staging will not guarantee a sale of your home, but it will greatly increase the odds. As with any goods for sale, it’s all about the packaging and presentation. The most beautiful homes will stand out, sell faster and for more money. Home staging by Styled Living will maximize your property’s appeal.